Megan Anne

Megan Anne

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It sure has been awhile!!

I know it seems like it has been forever since I did a post. It was really hard for me to talk about anything but the depo because it seemed like it was ruling the roost here at my place with my emotions and all. I have been off of the Depo now for about 6 weeks HOOOORRAAAYY!! My horomones seem like they are back to normal but my cycles are all sorts of SCREWED UP! Im really excited to start ttc as I am just in my pre-ttc phase. I think its SUPER important to get your body in gear for another little one especially if your trying within or just after a year after your other children were born. It does take a year for your body to recover after all. Im trying to keep a positive outlook on this whole thing but I keep thinking that this road to second baby is going to be a tough one!! As far as Pre-Ttc goes, I am taking my vitamins regularly (folic acid, one a day womens, and omega 3 fish oil) which ladies and gents, it is SOOOOOOOOO important to make sure you are at your healthiest before concieving because your chances of healthy sperm/egg quality multiply GREATLY when you are watching what you eat as well as taking those vits!! But of course you already know that!


If you have been following me on youtube than you know that im kind of on the outs with people. Which also means that my subs havent been watching my vids. I really dont understand why it is ok for the people with thousands of views on their vids to have such strong opinions but take me for example (someone with normally 3-400 views) its totally shocking to people!! Omg , i have an opinion!SHOOT ME! I really enjoy making videos, talking with people, giving/getting advice but its really catty out there!! I didnt think or realize how cliquey the internet could be. give me a break! But enough with my rant because it pisses me of the more i think about it!! lol
I have been uploading so much lately but that is becase I want to get to those vids before I move in with my mother in law because Im not sure how it will be in terms of video making!!
Meg Pie!
-My little Megan is doing wonderfully and growing so much everyday!! I just can't believe how much time has been since she has been born and its even more astonishing to me when I think about when I found out I was pregnant with her!! I have been getting very teary lately when I see old footage from when she was in the hospital!!I feel like at this rate, she'll be 16 tommorow. haha.
She has been pulling herself up on things, crawling, and getting into just about anything she can try to put iin her mouth!! But of course, we babyproof so we keep it safe!! She is just such a joy!! I can tell she has so much energy and she is soo enthusiastic about life it just shows on her face when she smiles!! I look forward to doing a full update on her on my youtube. (mandashow20 for those who dont know my yt name)!!
Thanks for reading my post!! Ill update you soon on how things are going =)

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