Megan Anne

Megan Anne

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey followers =) So, i called my doctor yesterday and told her how i was feeling and that things were going terribly wrong with me and i think it is the shot. well, she wants to start me on a medication to get me through the next 6 weeks. im really scared because im not sure medication is going to be the right thing. maybe because i trusted the doctor who put me on depo and he screwed up my life for awhile. i dont know what to think. well, medication and she wants me to see a therapist. I dont know what to say other than PLEASE do NOT ever go on the depo! I kknow the shot agrees with some people but it ruined my existance for however long its going to take to leave my bbody!

Anyway, megan is doing great. She makes my day a million times better. i will do an update on her probably tommorow when i have more time on here =) Thanks to the few people on here who read my posts. I really appreciate how kind you are!! Please pray for me, i really need it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please be O-V-E-R soon!

Hey followers!! Lately it has been sooo crazy here at my place. Well, i'm not sure its the place or just me. The depo shot i feel like is making my crazy and i seriously HATE it! I feel sad and out of place ALL THE TIME NOW! i cant seem to resume my regular activities and my doctor doesnt want me to pursue anything until the shot is done. i got it april 13th and im half way through basicaly. i just need support right now, im soo off track. No, i dont need anyone telling me their miserable experience on the shot, i just need support. plain old support. I feel like a terrible mother, a terrible person, and i feel like i cant do the things i used to. i guess i just need this damn thing to go away. I had depression before i got on the shot but it was manageable and its much worse now. im sure the shot hasnt made things better. well, im sorry for ranting and complaining. This is why i havent done vlogs or anything, im not up to it. Hopefully ill be better soon. im just trying to get by day to day. PS. it also makes me feel pregnnat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agh! God help me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blog, New Start

Hey Everyone! So, I am soo excited about doing my very own BLOGGER!!! Thank you to everyone who is following me, it means a lot to me =) As most of you know, I have also created a new YOUTUBE account as well. Unfortunatly, I am deleting my old youtube but I am giving myself a fresh face and a fresh start! I hope you will be here for the ride. My blog is about honesty and showing you what it's really like to be a parent and raise a child but not just that,its also about my life and things that I'm doing as well. I am forwarning you, I'm a bit dramatic but hey, thats me haha...
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Nothing too crazy like "Where do you live?" though kay?
I have a facebook as well if youd like to add me:
This is the only facebook that I will add people on because I have both a private and a non private face book =)
Again, thanks guys soo much and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!!
Mommy Mandy